Dots missing in "Dynamic Area Autofocus" on Nikon z6

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Re: Dots missing in "Dynamic Area Autofocus" on Nikon z6

WanderingEYE wrote:

This might not be significant at all and maybe it's because of the firmware version I am using , namely 3.2 but ............

Contrary to what the manuals and video tutorials say, when I set the camera to "Dynamic Area Autofocus" in AF-C mode (which is the only mode the option is available in) then the 8 dots, which are supposed to surround the central square of the autofocus point, are just not there. I am thinking that perhaps the camera is faulty but perhpas I am missing something. I am using back button autofocus.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is it significant? And what can be done to return the dots to the display?

a10: Focus Point Options > Dynamic-area AF assist > ON

(a9 on the Z6ii)

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