S1 with vintage lenes

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Re: S1 with vantage lenes

slauhk wrote:

Yesterday I wish to look for a 50mm lens for my S1, choices between Lumix S pro-50mm F1.4 and a 2 hand Leica lens, I have tried the Lumix Por 50, it is a great lens, speed good, QC good, but prices also:-|. After cool down, I walk around and found this good condition Leica Summilux-R 50mm 1.4. Slow down the motion taking photo are very fun.

Lumix S1 with Summilux-R 50mm 1.4

Anybody using Zeiss Contax to L mount adapter and lenses?  Or Classic Zeiss?  What

adapter do you use?  How is it to work with these lenses?

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