Pixel binning - what are the benefits?

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Re: Pixel binning - what are the benefits?

Ponyshine wrote:

Hi There,

I'm a bit confused about the benefits of pixel binning and was wondering if anyone could help me out?

Basically I'm trying to decide between 2 phones: either the moto G8 which has a 16 mp main camera or the moto e7 plus which has a 48 mp, however the latter has pixel binning so apparently the effective resolution is only 12 mp.

Which would you say is the better camera? To me the 16 mp one seems better for detail and quality of pics, but I don't understand what the benefits of the pixel binning are so I might be missing something. Which camera would you say is better?


I wouldn't put too much stock in " pixel-binning" at all.  Some phone cameras that do pixel-binning give terrible results,  some average ,  some give great results.

LIke you are doing, I would suggest,  just examine the photos for the most part.  That E6 plus with the 48Mp uses a Samsung GM1 isocell Sensor.......it doesn't get good ratings. Generally speaking the 16mp phones of the Moto G series get better ratings.  If you really want to the most out of that Moto phone's camera,  do some research on that particular model and see if there is a working GCAM camera app for it.   The proper forums you will find talking about spefici models and gcam usage are reddit and xda.

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