5r vs. 6DII. What could an expert do to make them close?

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Re: 5r vs. 6DII. What could an expert do to make them close?

Your 6D2 has better image quality than ANY digital camera a pro was shooting a decade ago, minus the few exotic medium format digital backs. And they were useless above ISO 800. Did photos suck back then?

You have a stellar camera and lenses. If you want to take your photos to the next level, become a student of lighting. Learn how to create the light to make your photos better. Create it when you want it rather than relying on the light available, which is often terrible for making something or someone look good. Even if it's wildlife through an 800mm lens, learn when to photograph in the right light or how to supplement with flash.

The biggest crutch these days to better photos (at least with portrait work) is these bulLsh!t "natural light only" shooters. To me it just screams "I don't understand lighting and I'm too lazy to learn", but the other term makes them sound like a purist or an artist or something like that.

Your camera can shoot clean ISO 25,000? Great, just means less noise in the raccoon eyes and funky shadow across the face in that portrait you took. Put a few strobes on it instead and make it a flattering shot they'll actually like.

The best photos are always about the lighting, composition, and subject. Sharp lenses, more megapixels and two more stops of dynamic range don't matter if those three aren't in place first. Trust me, the best pros make the lighting they want and rarely work with what's just handed to them. And if it is "available light only", their skills with modifying light has taught them how to make it work.

Sorry I digress...off my soapbox now.

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