What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

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I don't think I could recommend the X1DII. After all the sensor carries the information from the lens.

Do you have any indications that X1D's sensor is an issue/bottleneck and that it creates worse results than the one used in GFX50R/S?

Except for the toppings, it's the same sensor.

yes, but then there's the pseudo 16bit colour science individually taliored to each sensor - embedded in each camera that pushes magic into the raws. Many of us deny this, and maybe it can be reversed-engineered by colour profiles, but again and again I see the magic in HB developed raw files, and I dont see that magic in Fuji GFX raf files, and belive me I've been trying hard - and getting there, though I think possibly the X1D gives more magic on the table with less work. ...long sentence, indeed. In short, I might switch to Swedish...

From what I've seen I'm tempted to give an X1D a go. There's been too much GFX hyping - ok for speed etc, but the tone and colour magic is only just accessible, HB might be further along there, maybe even 10 years further along than Fuji.

I was talking about the sensor. That was what SrMi asked about.

I don't know how to measure magic, or even define it. If this were a discussion about wine, I'd be setting up a blind tasting.

If you're talking about colors when you talk about magic, I think the purpose of the raw capture is to get the information to provide the most accurate colors possible, so that any departures from accuracy for esthetic purposes will be under the control of the photographer in post production. So, in that sense, magic is the last thing I want. I want accuracy.


I don't think of it as magic, I think a blind test is the best way to call a personal preference, I have plenty of fuji files, they are great but I simply prefer the Hasselblad files, as do other people....and plenty of people prefer Fuji files....

what I consider close to magic is that a sensor that old still holds its own against FF.....

I know Jim listed his arguments about why he prefers the newer 100mpix sensor, I would prefer a new version of the 50,pix sensor with BSI, more DR, lower noise, I do not want PD AF and I do not want 100mpix right now with the file sizes....faster read out would be great, more fps would be great,

but after owning the GFX 50 and trying the GFX 100, I still prefer the X1DII files....

blind tests have confirmed that for me....

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