Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

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Re: Better "Aerochrome" (SD1) with red/yellow/orange filters

Hey, great topic

I've continued to experiment with this since I converted my DP1m to full spectrum this summer. I've tried the various filters and combinations that you've recommended and we discussed in e-mail a few months back, but I agree there are still differences that exist to the Aerochrome look. I doubt it is possible to recreate straight out of camera, but with some post processing you can get pretty close. Or at least a Sigma version that looks quite nice and is flexible for post-processing.

With red filters, I generally haven't been very satisfied with the output in color. I've used Hoya 25A and R72 filters, and while these filters can darken skies, it is not always as much as I'd expect and foliage can still be darker in tone. I also find it hard to shoot with these filters since the rear LCD is often blown-out in red tones. Getting the correct exposure is not always obvious when out and about.

The Hoya X1 green filter with a custom white balance in-camera has been the best way to do color IR for me. It improves resolution over naked full-spectrum shooting by filtering color aberrations across most of the frame. At the same time it retains the color information that is best for recreating the Kodak EIR look. I also find that I don't usually have to use the SPP fringe corrections. I tried green + yellow filter, but didn't really find it any better than X1 on its own.

I'll also add that using a polarizer is very helpful for darkening skies.

For post processing, I do end up using Lightroom after SPP to tweak colors to my liking.

I have some shots that I took last week, but haven't gotten to them yet. Here's a few from the past few months, and my DP1m album on flickr below:

X1 filter

X1 filter

Just CPL filter

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