What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

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Re: What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

ZurichPhoto wrote:

It is highly relevant from my perspective. It speaks to how the company does business: Its willingness to release buggy products, inability to meet production timelines etc... When it comes to buying into a new costly system I'd be foolish not to factor this in. This is not ancient history. This is a matter of a couple years.

For those who have made the leap -- more power to you. It's a beautiful system. I just can't place that level of trust in a company that has gone through a change in ownership, and possibly, a chance in focus.

If I get food poinoining in a restaurant, it may not be relevant to the quality of my next meal there. But I'm going to be a little wary of the kitchen practices and ordering the seafood next time.

Everyone has different pain thresholds. Mine may be lower than most. I wish them tremendous success.

the X1DII is the first Hasselblad I ever bought, a lot of my friends and professionals used them in the 80s and 90s, I preferred fuji 680 and 690,

I never liked the H system much, had several bad experiences with rentals on jobs, never really liked the lenses either (although they were made by Fuji)

Hasselblads lowest point was when they sold rebadged Sony nex with ugly grips and a huge mark up....or tried to sell them....

the X1D might have been rushed out the door, its actually just fine, AF of the X1DII isn't much faster, the problem was more about some firmware issues and lock ups which were taken care of....I think the biggest issue was price....and then selling the X1DII, a much more mature product for so much less...relatively soon after....

unless you need tethered iPad shooting, a used X1D is actually a really good deal, it might be the best bad for the buck, I would take it over a GFX (and I used to own it) but I still think the X1DII is the better product....

everybody is rushing product out the door now, in a way websites like this one and its forums are to blame...the second a new camera is actually available questions are asked about the next one....

I obviously don't know what will be released, I am not worried, I haven't seen a sensor I lust for, so I don't see anything on the horizon too soon, and with the global situation and general photo equipment sales I can't even imagine being in charge of a big company right now, pushing forward....

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