50mm „bokeh shoot out“

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Re: 50mm „bokeh shoot out“

Dareshooter wrote:

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nnowak wrote:

The Sigma 56mm was easily the best in that test. The Canon FD was easily the worst.

Yes, indeed. I was surprised to see that green outline of the orbs in the FD image. I guess that level of chromatic aberration just wasn‘t as visible on film as it is on a modern sensor.

The 50 1.8 shows outlines around highlights, too, but they have the right color.

On another note, i was surprised to see similar level of „cat eye“ from all 4 lenses. I thought this effect would differ much more depending on the construction of the lenses. Can it be that cat eye is more a function on the focal length (and of course proximity of the highlight to the border of the frame) than of its construction?

Interesting. I don't know if you'd find this useful but if you use ACR/Lightroom try using negative texture on OOF areas and it will help smooth out nervous/harsh bokeh.You'd have use it locally using the adjustment brush of course as a global application would destroy detail in areas you wish to keep sharp.

Great suggestion. I hadn't thought of that. The adjustment brush in Lightroom is very easy to use. I sometimes use it on faces to apply negative clarity.

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