Would you be interested in buying a camera case/grip for your phone?

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Would you be interested in buying a camera case/grip for your phone?

This is for photography only please. I see a lack of options and one company (Bitplay) has given up presumably due to poor demand. Now that phones are better than ever, surely photographers would like the option of adding a comfortable grip (like Adonit Photo Grip) with shutter button to their phone, for when they know they will be using the camera a lot?

If you aren't interested or haven't considered it, why? Are you really happy with the ergonomics of a phone. It seems only the Sonys have a shutter button on some models, but that's all. I want a grip, proper shutter button and thumb rest.

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Definitely (I want an experience closer to a real camera)
40.0% 6  votes
No (why? Happy with phone ergonomics?)
33.3% 5  votes
Maybe (if so what would you like?)
26.7% 4  votes
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