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Re: You read my mind

rpszone wrote:

You answered the question I was going to ask today, perfect!

It sounds like you had good results with the g9 with "Lock IS" ( watched a review about that yesterday) and if i also added an "O.I.S." lens it would be even better.

The experience with the fz 300, with IS on and e-stabilization video on, was a little jumping around (stutter) and movement when hand held.


So, I have an example of IS Lock if you want to see it.


Some examples:

1. From 3:10 to 3:30, I used IS Lock with various focal lengths

2. From 5:05 to 5:40, there is an example if IS Lock with the 300mm unstabilized lens I talked about. It shows how IS lock isn't 100% stable but provides a very gentle rocking motion which is not very objectionable in my opinion for what it provides. It does make 1-2 small stutters, but also keep in mind there was no lens IS and the setup was kind of unbalanced in the sense that I only had a short amount of time to get the camera pointed up at a very awkward angle.

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