Looking For Cinematography Camera Or Camcorder

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Re: Thank you all, update

rpszone wrote:

tried my 80D, 70-300, a tripod is a must for the 300mm. I have a Manfrotto 3001 tripod and 701rc2 fluid head with leveling base.

too heavy and cumbersome (10lbs), my bird shots are run and gun style (walking on trails and there it is, I only have enough time to swing it up and shoot). I am trying to move away from stills and go with video clips.

I thought to go with a mirrorless like the lumix gh5 or g9 with IBIS and OIS for handheld.

I know I want to shoot video clips instead of stills, something light and get decent results, frankly I am a little old and shaky.

The G9 (probably the GH5 also) has an IS Lock feature, which allows you to be very steady handheld. I tested it with a 300mm (without lens IS) and it works very well if you hold the lens fairly steady, but stutters a little every once in a while if you move too much. If you use an IS lens, it should be rock solid. With a 150mm, the IS lock is pretty flawless and looks very nice. 150mm on the G9 would be a 210 APS-C FOV. No tripod necessary. Stabilization still works very well for video even without IS Lock for a little more movement, but won't be as good as a fluid head.

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