DIY barn door star tracker

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Re: DIY barn door star tracker

Alen K wrote:

Any particular set of plans you will work from? Regardless, I assume it will be motorized. I used a non-motorized one once with a 50mm lens, turning a disc by hand 1/4 revolution every 15 seconds. The experience wasn't what I would call fun. After trying it, I built my own barn-door tracker (this one) utilizing a DC motor I had sitting around. Much better. But I no longer use it because my camera - a Pentax K-3II - tracks internally.

Here's a very nice DIY tracker that is an alternative to the typical barn-door design and worth consideration:

I'm so sorry. I've been quite busy at work. So much transition from old job to new job. It's all good though.

Yes, it will be motorized. I need to find out how long it should take to make a 1 degree.

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