Stress test for Z6II AF

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Re: Stress test for Z6II AF

HUN wrote:

I also did some action testing today with my dog. I used Wide area Large with animal eye AF on, H+ and mechanical shutter. He is extremely fast (40-50 km/h) so I needed to consider the EVF lag too.

When the dog was moving towards me almost all images are back focused, because the AF / lens combo could not predict where he will be when the shutter closes. I think the time while the lens focuses is enough for the subject to move out of focus. With the Z 50mm 1.8 I needed to be close to the subject, probably it would work better with a telephoto lens. User error is also possible: i.e. I am not sure I was able to keep the focus area on his head, because everything happens lightning fast + the EVF lag.

No problem with lateral movement, these were consistently in focus:

I’ve noticed the same thing. If you’re shooting on large apertures it can be the shutter delay. (Have no clue how long that is on z6/z6ii)

if the dog is moving 40km/h towards you it will move 1.11 meters every 10th of a second. So your focuspoint from head/eyes might transfer to dog shoulders or similar if the delay is something in the ballpark of 0.05 seconds.

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