Z7ii + 14-30 4.0 - Focussing in the pitch dark?

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Re: Z7ii + 14-30 4.0 - Focussing in the pitch dark?

Zoom in on a star or other point source of light. Use the "+" button. 1 press= 50%, 2 presses=100%, 3=200%. (I actually have the F2 button set to 100% zoom, very handy.)

I've used the 100% zoom with manual focus. The star turns from a round blob to a sharp point, then back to a blob if I focus past infinity. It's quite easy to find good focus by slight turns of the focus ring, back and forth. I can stop right in the middle where it's sharpest.

Using Manual mode is good.  The camera won't try to redo the AF after you've set it correctly.  On a Z6, if you power it off, it will lose the focus and you'll need to do it again.  I think the Z6 II is supposed to remember the last focus.

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