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Mr Bolton wrote:

The best camera for the job is the one you've got with you, or so they say. I used to be big into phones for their cameras, I'd get a new one every couple of years and each model did improve on its predecessor. But after a while of spending most of a grand every two years just to see it break and/or be useless after the security updates stopped.. I decided that the much better spend of a thousand bucks was on a new lens or a new body. My camera from eight years ago is right now serving a good friend as well as it served me, she's just upgraded from an iPhone 10 to the Olympus E-M5 I gave her. The thousand bucks I spent that day back in 2014 is still paying it forward.

My phone from eight years ago does work, but that's about all you can say. It's no longer usable as a phone, thanks to security updates having stopped ages ago and its software being too ancient/small. Its camera is also nowadays pretty laughable, though it was decent for back then. That thousand bucks ($800 for phone, $200 for extended warranty) has long since stopped paying it forward.

My camera from when I was a teenager back in the '80s? Still works. Heck, even the 20 year old digital cameras in my collection? Still work-and some of them, like the Camedia E10 with its fantastic Zuiko optics, will give that new iPhone a run for its money in good light. The proof is right there on my Instagram.

Modern phones are amazing, but their very nature means they have a finite lifespan. Quality photographic gear is an investment over decades and generations of photographically inclined family members.

I agree completely. I am very slow to upgrade my iPhones trying to make the expense last as long as possible. I definitely do not upgrade annually. I did splurge for the 11 Pro Max, wanting the latest camera, and now the 12 is out!


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