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Despite what one might read into many of my past posts, I like gear - very much. What I like about gear is the photographic results I obtain. The more satisfactory the results, the more I like the gear. At this point my prints on the walls (the end product of the photographic process for me) are so satisfactory to me that I can't see that newer or different gear might improve them. My equipment is of high quality, but certainly nothing exotic. There is plenty of other equipment that I don't have that I am convinced would do just as good a job for me. But "just as good" does not improve my photography, so holds no attraction for me.

By this standard then, I don't have GAS. This ascetic approach, this spartan self-denial, as a reflection of my overall character, should qualify me to occupy the higher moral ground.

But it just ain't so.

In a past life I went through a period where I did not meet a fly reel I didn't like. I had uncontrollable fly reel GAS. Lesser fly reels fished just as well, but that made no difference to the addiction. What saved me, my marriage, and the mortgage, was the introduction and subsequent marketplace domination of large arbor fly reels. I find them so ugly I have never bought one, despite certain functional advantages. There went the fly reel GAS.

So while I am extremely well satisfied with my present photographic gear, I still hold the belief that as I type this, some design team in Tokyo is developing some piece of gear that will convince me it will improve my photography.

If/when that happens GAS will re-emerge.

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