Why is the 14 2.8 so expensive?

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Re: Why is the 14 2.8 so expensive?

I've been looking at it as well, and I think there is ~3 parts to this.

1) There is indeed more to lens design, especially at such wide angles. The 14mm 2.8 has a certain quality that strikes me every time I see it. Those wider aperture or zooming alternatives don't have that, they have other qualities instead. That said, it's very hard to quantify while aperture is easy to quantify. Horses for courses.

2) There is a "Fuji tax", but I attribute the majority of that to being more of a "FF mirrorless subsidy". The Fuji gear is priced close to where it should, it's the others that are unnaturally cheap due to the hard competition right now for winning early market share and volume advantage in the FF mirrorless market. They're putting investor money or old savings into it, to the benefit of the one buying right now. The cost for you the consumer is a little bit of risk: If in two years Nikon or Canon are still losing money on FF mirrorless, the investors may put a stop to it, raising prices, cutting further investment, etc.
With Fujifilm going financially steady straight ahead, the risk of upgrade/replacement path disappearing is lower.

3) Competition has stiffened, including the Sony and Nikon 20mm/21mm lenses you mention. Those didn't exist when the 14mm 2.8 was launched, in fact I'm pretty sure it had the single best image quality you could get in any consumer system around that focal length. The lens may not be outdated yet, but the price is. It's not entirely justified by points 1 and 2 above, so yes the 14mm 2.8 is somewhat overpriced.

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