Why is the 14 2.8 so expensive?

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Re: Check opticallimits ;-)

Miguel-C wrote:


A 14mm lens is a 14mm lens, you shouldn't be comparing it with a 20mm, FF or otherwise. The manufacting of a 14mm lens that is well corrected will always be more expensive than a 20mm lens.

Umm, no. That would be true if the 14mm had to cover the same size sensor - because then it'd have a wider field of view than a 20mm and need to control light coming in at those wider angles. Since it doesn't, those wider angles light rays land on black absorbing material in the lens wall or mount and can be ignored.

An APS-C 14mm lens could be made by simply shrinking a 21mm FF lens uniformly in all directions. The glass elements shrink, the sensor coverage goes with them, as does the focal length, until at 14mm focal length it covers APS-C with the exact same falloff and unchanged design. That is not how APS-C lenses are designed, but it's a way they can be designed. Unless already at the edge of manufacturing size, there is nothing more complicated about the smaller one.

TL;DR: 20mm FF lens is an appropriate comparison to make. Equivalent, not equal.

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