Sony 20mm F1.8 first experiences (compared to 16-35 GM)

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Re: Sony 20mm F1.8 first experiences (compared to 16-35 GM)

mujana wrote:

upgrader wrote:

Thanks for the infos. If you know you will need only a 20mm - perfect. No question the little new Sony will do well. During a photo trip I find a 16-35mm just the absolute basic equipment during a day. In your pictures that you posted there are mostly conditions where you can correct in post such as contrast. You just can't recover sharpness in the end. Weighing all in I would never sell my 16-35GM just for a fixed focal-length.

The 16-35GM is almost glued to my camera. Very versatile and IQ is nothing short of outstanding. Same as you, I would never sell it for a fixed focal length.

These are 2 worlds. I think the new 20mm will shine especially for milky-way photography aso.

16-35 GM is default on my A7r IV that is so versatile. My copy is very sharp as in the photos shown in my earlier post in this thread. I do have a similar Voigtlander FE 21/1.4 Nokton that is as sharp as Sony 20/1.8 G. It's only slightly sharper especially at edges but no much after stopping down a bit in my side by side test. However I swap in prime when I have a chance and at the scenes involving sunstar/lightstar that is way better and don't need to even stop down much (such as to crazy f18) to get excellent sunstar from this CV lens. The prime is also slightly better in micro-contrast. I found my prime lenses win in areas of characters when I needed but not really in sharpness especially in stop-down landscape type photos.

Nevertheless in trips like in glacier tour on cruise, swapping lenses or trying to do stitching are not that practical. Therefore I even carried 3 sets - 16-35 GM on A7r IV, Tamron 28-75 on A7r III and 100-400 GM on A9. Supposedly also carried into the Antarctic trip but that was cancelled due to bad weather. In such trips, only prime lenses will be very restrained. I intend to only carry pure prime lenses in slow-pace casual trips, already did in this trip and will do more.

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