Sony A7 III, or Sony A6600 for first Sony (for action/sport)?

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Re: Sony A7 III, or Sony A6600 for first Sony (for action/sport)?

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I am shooting Fuji (X-T3 firmware V4.00) and Nikon D500, mostly for what I would consider "action/sport" type shooting (stills only), but am curious about Sony.

At the same time, I am also kind of curious about Full frame.

So I am thinking of getting either an A6600 or an A7 III (I would like an A7R III for the more pixels, but seems that the A7 III is better for action/sport, so limiting this question to A6600 vs A7 III).

the a7iii does not have real-time tracking, which can be very helpful for some sports... but it does have a bigger oled panel in the evf.

since you are coming from a d500 tho, and you want to shoot action, i'd suggest an a9... but it really depends on what sports you are shooting.


Would love to consider an A9, but that is kind of out of the price range that I am interested in.

Re. tracking, yes I did note that that wasn't in the A7 III, but for the shooting I've been doing, I generally try to follow the main subject, either using single point or (in case of D500) group mode, continuous auto-focus, so I don't know how important tracking would be???

I just got the a6600. Tracking is fun when coming from d7200/d500. The Nikons are quite good but more fun/efficient with the Sony. The focus modes simply work. Sony tracking vs Nikon 3d/group etc is something quite else.

a6600 has good battery. Not as good as Nikon SLR but quite good. I can now handle the Sony with gloves and the Nikons feel clumsy when I take them up. If you have big hands the Sony may be too small.

Sony menu... When I had sorted the buttons, dials and fn I don't see the menu anymore

The Sony APSC can use the same lenses as FF cameras (just like Nikon APSC), so a nice variety of lenses

I have no regrets. Only area where the Nikons are better IMO is battery life but not a dealbreaker with the a6600. I see many talking the a6600 down because it wasn't a big enough improvement from earlier a6xxx. I have no history with earlier a6xxx so I don't care about that

But the A7iv may be worth the wait

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