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Re: Crashing Disappointment

Thanks so much for the comments! The thing I really like about this thread is that people are able/willing to offer different perspectives and opinions on an image. I get points of view that I might not have considered.

As for the tighter crop, I cropped down from the original 4:3 to a 3:2 ratio to clear up some offending driftwood in the near foreground. Maybe I went too far, but it seemed to be a good balance between wave, cliff, and negative space/sky. I will reconsider.

I also appreciate the B&W suggestion. I don't often consider that conversion because it isn't my "natural" way of seeing an image. In this case, I really wanted the angry green water in the wave to be prominent. I think the B&W version loses that characteristic.

I haven't shot this situation before. It takes a combination of extreme high tides, extreme high surf, offshore wind so as not to blow the waves over, and good afternoon sunshine. And it is a two hour drive from home, so I made use of a couple of surfer information sites to find the best combination of conditions.

The high tides and high surf generally happen in the winter months when we are most likely to get clouds and rain. So once you get all the stars to align, you are likely to find the beach crowded with photographers. That was the case on this day - all respectfully separated and wearing masks.

MikePDX wrote:

Haven't been doing much shooting for the past few months. But I did find time to go out to the Pacific Northwest coast a couple weeks ago when we had high surf conditions at the same time as an extreme high tide. The title comes from crashing waves at Cape Disappointment, which is in the extreme SW corner of Washington State.

Crashing Disappointment

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