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Re: Veltwijck

Another beautiful place well caught with its own still reflection. Give me the first, with all the trees both real and reflected with their bare lacy wintery arms. I am especially fond of the one on the left that leans inward as if reaching for that spire. But all of them are quite nice, each with a slightly different feel. Well taken, well presented, and inspires jealousy.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Another few images that explore variations of the same view.

Again from a brisk wintery walk, this time almost in our own backyard.

This is Castle Veltwijck in Ekeren near Antwerp. It sits in a small park at the edge of a hidden nature reserve called "Oude Landen".

This small sanctuary sits squeezed between the harbour and large roads. Apart from the constant drone of traffic and high buildings sometimes visible through the trees, one could imagine being in an untouched or reclaimed corner of the world, with wet marshy grasslands and muddy forest (with the occasional destroyed building).

The fact that Scottish bovines roam freely (and friendly) through the reserve, helps create a wonderful atmosphere.

But that is in the nature reserve.

This is in the adjacent park (Iphone images once again):

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