Sony 20mm F1.8 first experiences (compared to 16-35 GM)

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Re: Sony 20mm F1.8 first experiences (compared to 16-35 GM)

N4865G wrote:

Thank you very much for your comments.

My pleasure

My initial evaluation leading me to buying the 16-35GM zoom in the first place was the spectrum of scenarios when I would not be able to zoom with my feet, say standing on a cliff or something similar.

Such things happen from time to time and when you're standing on the cliffs one step further might be unwise

In my experience there are multiple ways to work around limitations like these. Either more sensor resolution and/or more reach with longer focal lengths and/or focus or panorama stitching ...

Not everything works best very time - sometimes the tool dictates the way of shooting and that's what I personally like when working with primes. They face me to think twice what I'd like to achieve. That's a very personal view.

The only two zooms I own are compromises since one is one of the best ever built ultra wide angle options and the other one is the lightest native sharp 600 mm tele lens available.

As it turned out I do not do much of this kind of landscape photography at all, the wide angle shots I do most of the time can easily be catered for with the fixed length of 20mm.

I once owned the Nikkor 20 f/2.8 and it did a fabulous job in many ways being ultra compact while having a very good corner to corner sharpness (stopped down) on analog cameras. The Sony G 20 f/1.8 is a bit larger and heavier but still on the small side and probably more attractive than the GM 24 being wider and still almost as good in performance - and it has an aperture ring - a big plus IMHO.

To cut the long story short again, it is not so much about the absolute sharpness, as it is about the weight, volume taken in my bag and the cost of owning this lens.

I understand the sentiment about size and weight. What do you mean with 'cost of owning the lens'?

Lens cost are:

  • purchasing price + maintenance - income from it - selling price => total cost of ownership

Which part of the GM 16..35 do you calculate more critical compare to the G 20 f/1.8? Potential selling price or potential income with it?

Happy to see, that there is a native Sony option now with phenomenal performance and the size/weight which is very small.

GM 24 and G 20 have been nice surprises for everyone - I guess - I am personally looking forward to a GM 16 or even better a GM 14

Happy New Year!


Happy new year to you and everyone else as well!

And happy shooting with whatever gear you just own and like to use!

<=> Joachim

P.S. You have some really nice images in your portfolio

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