D5200 with Sigma 1.4x 1401 tele converter on Sigma 150-600c, will it autofocus?

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OP PerAE Contributing Member • Posts: 519
Re: Yes but ...

Hi, thanks for all the answers!

My original question kind of lost it’s meaning because I’ve since bought a used d7200, but the need for longer reach is still there so it’s very interesting to hear your experiences with tele converters.

The reason that I need more reach is that I enjoy photographing white tailed eagles. They’re really shy and since they chose to sit on the highest points of islands and mountains with a clear view in every direction they’re really, really hard to get close too.

They will fly away as soon as they see you if you get too close, and they always see you and their idea of what close is is very different from mine:)

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