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There I said it. I can't be the only one. Something tells me most of us would not be here if we didn't have a little bit of lust for the gear.

I prefer photographs and photography.

Fair enough, but you can't take a photograph without a camera. And if that camera is an ILC you'll need at least one lens. One lens usually isn't enough, though, especially if that lens is a prime. Might need a couple more primes and a zoom or two for more convenience and versatility.

Sometimes, to get the best photograph you might need a flash. And if you've got a flash, might as well get it off camera, in which case you'll need a light stand, and maybe a radio trigger.

And once the flash is off camera it can be beneficial to modify that flash with an umbrella or a softbox. Then you'll find times when a snoot is useful.

Once you've got one flash off camera you quickly see the need for one or two more, which means more light stands, more modifiers, more more more more.....

You make it sound like an automatic conveyor belt that you can't get off. People have choices and can choose to buy as much or as little as they like. Those articles in amateur photography magazines, "what you must have in your camera bag", are just marketing hype aimed at the inexperienced who don't really know what they need.

Did you, by any chance, see the smiley face?

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