What Will It Take To Remove Video Time Limits

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Re: What Will It Take To Remove Video Time Limits

NickZ2016 wrote:

RDKirk wrote:

Find a good source of non-copyrighted appropriate music, then.

But I suspect there are actually specific portions of the process that are interesting and specific portions that are not, or that you can break the process up into several videos.

Truly, a lot of people will simply look at the length of the video and make a decision.

Plenty of long form videos on YT. I don't see how music helps in this sort of video. People would likely be more interested in the odd comment every so often. Explaining why the OP is doing X or what a person should be looking for.

The OP would really benefit from an external recorder not just to record but to monitor things. I doubt the OP wants to go an hour to only see they had the camera pointing at the floor .

Agree. LOTS of long form videos - and I watch them as some of them are critical videos.

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