55-250 stm vs 70-300 usm is ii on a 90D

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Re: 55-250 stm vs 70-300 usm is ii on a 90D

Here is how I see the strengths of each lens:

EF-S 55-250mm STM

  • $200 lower price
  • Sharper
  • Half the weight
  • Smaller size

EF 70-300mm II

  • Better build quality
  • Somewhat longer reach
  • Faster AF
  • Can be used on FF cameras

For me this would be an easy decision because I have APS-C and FF cameras so the 70-300mm II would be my choice.  However, if this wasn't a concern then I would pick the 55-250mm mainly for it being half the weight and sharper.  I am at a point where I just don't want to carry a heavy lens all day on the camera or in a backpack.  I do own the EF-S 55-250mm STM and I love it on my SL2.  Between the EF-S 10-18mm, EF-S 15-85mm and EF-S 55-250mm STM I cover about anything I care to shoot on a day trip or vacation.  I usually carry the EF-S 55-250mm in a jacket pocket or a large pants pocket and keep the 15-85mm mounted on the camera most of the time.

IMO, the 50mm extra reach of the 70-300mm just isn't worth the weight, size and sharpness penalty.  For the money you save you can pick up the EF-S 10-18mm and have a kit that will cover an equivalent range of 16-400mm in a small compact package.

If you are shooting fast moving subjects then the 70-300mm might be your best choice.

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