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Re: **SMILE and the Inquisitive Crow **

Brief description: I don’t know what I have other than a camera, but folks often ask me to take their photos when I’m out – some with their phones, others with my own gear. The pretty young lady shown here was in a local park being photographed by her Grandma who was using some expensive ILC gear. I just happened to be there testing out my recently acquired FZ2000 and couldn’t resist obliging the request to join in, least of all to shoot half a dozen trial shots to begin assessing the new camera’s portrait potential. No sooner had I agreed than the lovely subject adopted this pose and cracked a smile that truly brightened my day.

If memory serves me correctly, we’d recently come out of the UK’s first national lockdown, or at least had the restrictions loosened enough for us to venture into local parks. All in all, this one moment reminded me of the freedoms we can all take for granted but which we should actually appreciate whilst we have them.

The park was exceptionally busy that day and I got many shots of various subjects (people, animals, birds scenery, etc, which overall indicated that I’d just purchased an excellent all-round camera. I’ve since become absolutely convinced of the FZ2000’s credentials in this regard. It’s simply brilliant!) Overall, although by no means the best photo of my whole 2020 campaign, this is certainly one of my favourites of all from last year.

Ha, the inquisitive crow. I just love this pose. It’s like he or she is wondering what the heck I’m doing with my FZ2000. Either that or he can see his own reflection in the lens from about 14ft away, in which case he’s possibly wondering why, when he moves his head to one side, his mirrored image copies him. Who knows? Maybe he’s simply a vain bird who just loves to see himself?

Then again, he may have simply been attempting to cheer up an old photographer who, up until that point had been sat miserably on a bench wondering just when and how the next opportunity may arrive to shoot something of interest? At the time, my patience was wearing thin and I was ready to head home after four hours of seeing very little. Then this crow and a group of his mates landed and off we go again, such are the trials and tribulations associated with wildlife photography. If anyone ever tells you this genre is easy, DO NOT believe ‘em. It’s not, at least not if it’s done to a reasonably good standard and in detail.

Either way, this is another of my favourites from 2020 and one from a burst of four consecutive shots, 3 of which I actually prefer more. Still a favourite though, and it makes me smile every time I see it, so it fully counts for displaying in this particular thread.

Hope to see a few joining in with their very own efforts. Please don’t forget to change that heading when you post your photos, though.

Cheers all

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