70-200 f/4G on the Z cameras?

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Re: 70-200 f/4G on the Z cameras?

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

Anyone on here use the F-mount 70-200 f/4G on their Z cameras?

Anything I should be aware of (quirks)?

I was going to get the new Z 2.8 version, but am having second thoughts because I already have an 85mm (so that would work in a pinch in low light) and for cost reasons (the f/4 is $1400 new vs $2600 for a Z 2.8 version). This is a lens I will use periodically (maybe 1/2 of the time) so I'm willing to sacrifice the extra stop for cost and weight reasons but just wanted to make sure there wasn't any obvious issues between it and the Z's.

I have kept the 70-200 f4 F mount since I switched from D750 to Z7 and no problems with FTZ. it’s the only reason I need an FTZ now. Hoping Nikon will eventually provide a Z mount version although it would need to be good to justify switching.

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