Looking for lens for a proverbial soccer mom

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Re: Looking for lens for a proverbial soccer mom

Dennis wrote:

I'm not familiar w/Canon so looking for advice.

A friend (non-photographer) wants a lens to shoot her daughter playing soccer with her old Rebel 1000D.

Looking at what's available, I see:
EF 75-300 III for $199
EF-S 55-250 STM for $299
EF-S 55-250 II not listed on Canon site, but B&H has it for $179

Between the two cheaper options, what would you recommend ? Any compelling reason to suggest the more expensive STM lens ? Any other options I'm not seeing ? (Third party in that price range ?) On a 10MP camera, it doesn't need to be 'L' quality But if any of those are particularly better at focusing (on an older body) and/or better at the long end, that's worth knowing.

I'm guessing she would prefer to buy new from a reputable place (probably going to ask her husband for it for XMas ...)


Of those lenses, the EF-S 55-250 STM is, IMO, a much better lens than the other two.

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