Sigma 500 f4 Sport. Erratic AF. Corrections?

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Re: Sigma 500 f4 Sport. Erratic AF. Corrections?

Happy New Year! I don't have a Canon, so I am not sure of how the menu works, but in the nikon world we can set how AF responds with moving subjects. When I had my body set on erratic and fast, what you describe was happening to me as well. I guess the glass is very fast and the moment you will miss focus a bit from the moving subject, it goes straight to infinity and then freezes until you nail focus again. I changed those in camera settings to normal, as to alow the lens some delay before it changes focus whilst panning and I have not experienced this since. Having said that, it took me time to learn how to properly pan with this monster without losing focus and yes if my technique is not right and I miss the subject whilst moving when panning, then the lens will change the focus point, but this is normal I guess.

If you are talking about freezing when going from close focus to long focus (ie shooting a nearby bird and then trying to focus on a bird in flight), then I haven't experienced that to be honest. What AF custom settings are you using? Is it also doing this with custom settings off? With my old sigma 150-600, I ended switching all the custom settings off, as it seemed to perform better without those.

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