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Hey, I am sure this is discussed a lot, but do you see a lot of value in shooting RAW, considering the file sizes are enormous?

Yes I see a lot of value in that despite those file sizes.

I usually write RAW to slot 1 and JPEG to slot 2, but coming off of a holiday bender, it’s been a pain in regards to workflow. Trying to decide if I should nix RAW altogether to cut out a step. Usually I’d shoot raw, throw it in Lightroom for touch up, then downsize it and drop it in my photos (iPhone) camera roll.

Wait a moment. Don' t know if I understand you correctly here, but are you shooting with your Sony camera+lenses....just to make images to show on your iPhone??

What do you do?

No. I would say that I shoot most of my photos for family events and holidays. Sometimes random park trips and the dogs. However I do have a Pixma printer, and I may enjoy printing more than I enjoy taking the photo. Saying that to say I do a lot of printing. 
My main issue is workflow. I’m going to write both, RAW on 1 and JPEG on 2. Adobe Lightroom fills up quickly with RAW files. I don’t want to have to import the photos to an external and then work from there. Ideally, I would love to have 1TB of Adobe storage, upload all raw files to LR, and then when I want to post digitally just export the photo to my camera roll.

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