Looking For Cinematography Camera Or Camcorder

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Re: Thank you all, update

rpszone wrote:

I thought to go with a mirrorless like the lumix gh5 or g9 with IBIS and OIS for handheld.

The Lumix GH5 or G9 continuous autofocus is too dodgy for tracking birds in motion, particularly at long focal lengths.  The best hope would be to lock the focus based on the first frame or to optimize manual focus to approximate the median distance of the birds.

It is really difficult to shoot interesting video of wild birds in action, since they tend to be shy and don't perform at all like the penguins in cartoon animations.   You need to bivouac in a blind near active feeding or nesting grounds.  To stroll along in hopes of finding a bird that won't simply hide or dart off can be very daunting.   Big lenses look too much like hunters' big bore muzzles.

To track a bird in flight with a 300mm lens, shooting video, tends to yield very jerky results, even with good IBIS.  Better to shoot in 4k, at a wider angle, and then crop and key-frame in post to keep the bird in a stable portion of the frame.

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