A laugh out loud Ken Rockwell moment, and a serious question

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Re: A laugh out loud Ken Rockwell moment, and a serious question

Completely agree. Part of my post, using what I hope is an observable degree of editorial license, is in response to so much of what we have seen here on DPR about the virtues of the latest iteration of something, simply because it is (at the moment) the newest, and thus the greatest. The hyperbole involved in such enthusiasm of the newest would mean, taken to its logical extension, that photographs taken with the older, now-inferior equipment, cannot be as good as they would be if taken with the newer much-improved gear. Witness the plaintive cries on some fora where "photographers"(?) beseechingly ask when the next evolution of a certain camera will be introduced. Any perceived delay means the manufacturer intends to let that line die. No where in such discussions does actual photography enter the discussion.

I don't buy this, literally and figuratively. I have not bought a camera since 2016. I only bought it because I needed a body in that family on which I could mount a flash unit. Even at that, the succeeding model was just introduced, so they were concurrent, but the older model still met my needs, so I opted for it. Since at least a part of my digital photography experience is readily visible in prints on my walls, I have not seen any print hung where, in my judgement, a different or newer camera would have improved my photograph.

Things are changing, I think. Relative to even several years ago, I am seeing far fewer threads praising the latest version because it is the latest. Digital photography has been a relatively stable technology for around a decade +/-, at least as far as the print that ends up on the wall. People are starting to realize this. I am seeing more and more posts in which correspondents say they are going to stick with their present equipment because they do not see the latest version actually improving their photography. Besides the obvious influence of smart phones, I submit this stability of technology contributes to the far lower numbers of cameras produced. Lower demand equals lower supply.

Given where we are now in digital photography, "Good enough" is very good indeed.

This is a great time to be a photographer.

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