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Re: Dear Meow

RoelHendrickx wrote:

meow wrote:

P3T3S wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Look no further:

Vogeltjesdans (Bird Dance) by The Electronica's

(Video. Click the link. But make sure you sit down before clicking the link...)

This carnavalesque monstrosity has terrorized my teenage years. Literally at every dance party there came a point when the DJ was tired and the audience drunk enough, and then this was played.

The tune was made globally popular in 1980 by a Dutch accordion band.

Their version became a billboard success and a dance craze all over the world.

Apparently, the original is Swiss, though.

And according to Wikipedia, there are roughly 370 versions recorded.


(I'll have to go and lie down now for a while, but I will return later to comment on the actual image. It deserves better than to be associated with this pre-covid dance party mating ritual for inebriated humans. It's a good way to wave off 2020 though.)

Oh, Roel, what have you done?!! That awful, once ever-present, music had been successfully wiped from my memory banks, but now one careless click has caused the monster to stir in the dark corners of the filing system. I am trying a desperate vaccination using iTunes and hoping for success.


It's even worse for me. My granny went on her one and only trip abroad and learnt - the bird dance. Then she wanted to teach us at every family gathering for years... The shame, the humiliation... That my gran was 1.55 tall tops didn't make it any better. The sight when she strutted around in her slippers vigorously shaking her butt...

This is fast becoming a group therapy session for Post Danceparty Stress Syndrome...

@minniev I totally 100% love your dambird shots and this one is among the best. My english isn't good enough to express subtle things, so I usually refrain from posting in this thread, but I always read and enjoy.

Your english is just fine! (Your above little story was very witty.) And I am glad that you follow this thread (we are a welcoming group). But please don’t feel any inhibition to also post. Your voice and opinions (and images) are much appreciated.

Thanks you kindly. Flattery will get you a long way. 😁

I get around. But my vocabulary is lacking in some areas. As said, subtle things, feelings...

My worst language experience ever was when my oldest online friend told me he was dying from cancer. It would have been hard by email even in Swedish, can't just put a hand on a friend's shoulder by mail. But now I had to use English. Later, when he was gone, I had to announce the fact on the largish mailing list where we had met and both were active, he had asked me to. The cultural differences made it super hard to find the right words. I wanted to sound like me, but didn't want to offend the mainly american crowd by doing it the wrong way either.

I've been on a lot of forums and mailing list where English has been the common language, but they've been mostly technical (computer stuff, web design) and very On Topic, not so much socializing. That's much easier.

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