A laugh out loud Ken Rockwell moment, and a serious question

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Re: A laugh out loud Ken Rockwell moment, and a serious question

My photography has improved considerably since I went from film to digital. The reason is the opportunity to practice, which I do to this day. With film I was always very aware that each exposure was going to cost me money, including the ones that I discarded. With digital, once I acquired the equipment, I have been free to practice, experiment, and learn by doing. Then, at home, relaxing in front of the computer, I could see what worked well or less than well, and the function of post processing. None of this incurred any additional expense until I fired up the printer. But by that point I knew I wanted the print so I was getting a tangible return for the cost of ink and paper.

Note: To narrow the opportunities for the minute-detail-obsessed community, I acknowledge that I have sunk vast sums of money into extremely expensive digital equipment that will only have an effective life of a few months before the newest iteration renders my present gear obsolete and all photos previously taken to be of suspect quality due to the technological insufficiency of my now-obsolete gear. This in contrast to purchasing one film camera that if I lived that long and so chose to do so, would last indefinitely. But, whether it be film or digital, none of this equipment was/is an 'investment' from a fiscal efficiency standpoint. I spend the money because photography is a hobby. The point in my first paragraph still stands.

An analogy. In a past life I was a competitive handgun shooter. This is a discipline which requires practice, and like film and processing, ammunition costs money. As one ascends the various classes of skill levels, the competition becomes more intense. Even the very best shooters (which I was not, but I trained with some of them) put the work and expense into practicing.

The common thread for me has always been that to develop whatever latent skills I may have, practice is necessary. Digital allows me that practice.

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