The GFX 50R with 50mm f3.5 as a compact Fuji shooter

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Re: The GFX 50R with 50mm f3.5 as a compact Fuji shooter

For what it's worth my primary camera was an X-Pro2, though I've experimented with an A7III for 8 months and still use various Sigma cameras at times. I have a M240 for specific times, but since getting a GFX50r and GF50 it's become my primary camera by far. I think of it as an X100 on steroids (in all respects). Sure it's larger, but not much heavier than the other cameras. I think a lot of GF45 and GF32-64 comparisons miss the point of the GF50 and are blurred by history ("Why should I get the GF50 when I already have X lens?"), when obviously we're not all in the same boat. I've since picked up the GF45-100 for times of unknown needed FL and of course OIS. It is heavy. Everyone's mileage may vary, but I have no hesitation recommending upgrading from the X-Pro2 to the GFX50r if you can afford it (the GFX50s and GFX100 recommendation would be much more complicated). Hell, you can finally adapt other FF lenses at their native FL in GFX 35mm mode (one of my biggest gripes about APS-C). If you decide not to upgrade consider doing a classic neg recipe from Fuji X Weekly.

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