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Completely agree. Nikon would be giving up a big chunk of customers if they did not keep DX alive. There is certainly room for a better spec'd DX camera with IBIS, better weather sealing and top of the line AF, dual card slots - like the D500 was to DSLRs. But even the current Z50 is a very good and very under-rated camera. Specs don't capture everything and I am sure that most people who are dismissing it out of hand have never used one for any length of time.

If money wasn't a limitation, a Z7ii used in DX mode would probably be more versatile. However, in the real world, especially for users who want more reach and are budget limited, this relatively inexpensive (compared to FX) camera works just fine. The rest of the funds otherwise spent on a full frame camera could be used on lenses or kept in reserve for the next iteration of the DX camera.

I have been using a Z50 with FTZ and 300mm pf with/without a 1.4x TC. This makes the most compact and light weight bird photography combo out there. If I could afford a 500mm pf, I'd probably use that lens with this camera as well. The only addition I've made to the Z50 is a SmallRig plate which keeps my little finger from dangling off the edge of the grip.

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