Upgrade a6300 to either a6400 or a6600?

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Re: Upgrade a6300 to either a6400 or a6600?

zackiedawg wrote:

azdmelani wrote:

Any compelling reasons to go for the A6600 instead? Thanks

For me, the larger battery of the A6600 was a nice draw - not something I felt was a must since I had 3 batteries for my A6300 and was getting by fine, but still, nice to be able to shoot for several days or even 2 consecutive weekends on just one battery and charge. Stabilization in body was one of those things I considered a nice add-on, but not prime reason to buy. The larger grip was a bigger selling point for me, as well as the additional buttons on the body for customization.

The one compelling thing that drove me to avoid the A6400 as an upgrade to the A6300, and made the A6600 the definite pick, was the MR modes on the main dial. I had become far too accustomed to having this on the A6300 after upgrading from the A6000, and the A6400 lost them again. I use the MR modes every time I shoot, multiple times back and forth throughout a shoot, so losing the ability to switch them directly on the dial quickly between 1 and 2 was a no-go for me on the A6400. The A6600 restored those two MR modes on the dial, so that was the one biggest difference between the two for me. Of course, a person who doesn't use those modes wouldn't care a bit, so it's up to whether that's an important feature for you or not.

I completely agree with zackiedawg about MR modes on the main dial. To my liking it’s one of the most important features and I wouldn’t buy a camera without it since my previous use of Fuji cameras without this feature. Of course if you care about it.

Much better grip. I use my 70-350mm with no problems at all because of the grip.

Buttery lasts 2-3 times longer.

Eye autofocus in video.

No built in flash but honestly it’s not so much useful. I got myself the smallest Metz flash just recently on Thanksgiving when it was 40% off and now I can bring it with me to any vacation and it’s definitely better than any built in one.

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