Tips for Using Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II USM

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Re: Tips for Using Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II USM

Occams Razor wrote:

I think the problem is that you are buying a lens and trying to find a purpose. You really should have a vision of what you want to capture and find a lens that can best do that. It looks like you have a couple of nice zoom lenses in your collection. A good place to start is to study what subjects you like to shoot and the focal lengths you like to shoot at. Maybe neither a 35 or 50mm prime is your thing.

I discovered fast WA lenses many years ago when I rented the 24/1.4 on my then crop camera without knowing what I would do with it. Having such a tool gave me opportunities I did not have and in your words, I found a purpose for such lenses. Since then, 35mm eq. is my favorite FL for fast lenses.

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