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Re: Totally Fake 8: Jackson - Mississippi

Fox328 wrote:

It was sunday morning before 7 am (local time) when I found myself at Jackson/Evers airport (KJAN). It was still dark then and at the time i took off. I first made a couple of circles over Jackson before i saw the sun coming up to found out it was a bit hazy.

After flying some time the sun gave some more light but the haze didn't disappear.

In this picture you can see the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir and if you watch it full size you can also see the Pearl river coming out of the reservoir.

In this picture i am flying over Spilway road and the Dam. Unfortunately no birds could be seen .

Here you can see the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir through the window of the cockpit.

Just before i went back to Jackson/Evers airport i flew over route 43. I found out that on the scenery a small island was missing. The computer software had washed it out although it was captured at the satellite photograph. Later that day i have corrected this by hand so the small island is visible in the future.

Happy New Year!


How great this is: to finally see the location where all those incredible Minnie Dam Birds images have been made.

That alone and in itself is already a reason to appreciate these images.

You are onto a labour of love, visiting and overflying some favourite spots of our forum members : maybe Uluru next for Mike? or the Puget sound with a ferry sailing for Seattle for Don? hint hint

But these images of yours also have distinct merit of their own (regardless of the context described above).

Most often your screenshots also betray a keen sense of composition, with the plane situated very nicely at an angle with the landscape, and on a converging of leading lines.

Like in that first : the plane right on the horizon creates a subtle tension.

Or even better in the third : your plane's wings are parallel to the dam, and its tail creates a double cross (croix lorraine).

Beautiful compositions.

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