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Re: Great info on undocumented stuff

bastibe wrote:

A quick note on importing edits: none of Darktable's sliders do the exact same thing as Lightroom's. Thus even if you could import, say, exposure and saturation and contrast, the result would not be the same.

Strangely, however, a very few editing settings are imported, such as the input color space. I wish it wouldn't import any editing commands at all from Lightroom. It's just not useful in any way.

Yes, me too. Since it can't do good editing translations then I would prefer it not to do them at all. An option to say only pick up the metadata, but not the editing instructions would make more sense, I think.

Regarding your comment about not being able to clear the history, I have a feeling you might be confusing imported editing settings with the default settings Darktable applies to every newly imported picture. There are a number of "edits" that Darktable applies to every picture just in order to be able to view and edit it at all. In fact all raw developers do, but usually hide it from the user. You will never have an empty history in Darktable, or an empty active module list.

No, I am not confused. I know about the mandatory default settings that cannot be deleted. I am not talking about those. I am talking about the translated Lightroom settings that got added by the importer. The discard history command will not delete them, but if you open the image you can manually delete them from the history stack.

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