Searching for a telelens for my Sony A7RIII

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Re: Searching for a telelens for my Sony A7RIII

jumbo0 wrote:

Hi there!

First post, but have read already a lot here. I bought the Sony A7RIII last summer with a 24-105mm from Sony. Very pleased with it, very high quality and it's just a fun camera to work with. I had a Canon 6D before, all with L-lenses but Sony seems more innovative and the picture quality is so good, hence the switch.

My line of work is mostly landscapes and extreme weather photography. Along with that I love to roam around cities with my camera, or to just point him towards the night sky. So now the time has come to look for a telephoto lens. I have been looking for so many options but I just can't figure out which one to use. Sony's 100-400 seems nice but out of budget. Budget is somewhere around 1k max.

*Sigma 100-400 draws my attention but I'm not sure if it can handle the higher resolution of my A7RIII? I've seen a review with an A7RIV and there it was struggling a bit. But that resolution is again higher of course..
*Sony 70-300mm came to mind too, but after seeing comparison photos between him and the Sigma 100-400, Sony's 70-300 seemed to be far behind regarding IQ.
*Sigma 150-600mm has a huge range. Not even sure if I need 600mm, but I wouldn't mind. To travel it's probably a little oversized, but manageable? But also here I wonder about IQ on 47MP..
*Sony 70-200mm is also interesting, but I've read that it's actually not that good in terms of sharpness, especially at 200mm. And for a telelens, 200mm is a minimum.

What would you recommend under/around 1k price range that has a good range (min 200mm) and has very good IQ even with a 47MP camera. Aperture is not that big of a deal for me. I prefer IQ and sharpness over Aparture.
Thanks a lot in advance for helping me out!


For $1000 on a zoom, there's no beating the Sigma.

If you don't need 180-400 or surprisingly excellent OSS, you could get the Tamron 70-180 or even replace your 24-105 with a 28-200.

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