X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

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Re: X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

SjorsDW wrote:

I know this is an older thread but the chart was updated by Fujifilm (more effective IBIS because of new firmware):

Instead of the 4.5 stops advantage for the 55-200mm the new chart gives a 5 stop advantge for the X-H1 (and even a 5.5 for the X-T4).

Pritzl wrote:

(Fuji's?) IBIS and OIS cannot work simultaneously on the same axis, too much chance of conflict. Rather, they work by divvying up the axes among them. So, if a lens has OIS for 2 axis, IBIS can add stabilization in the other 3. The problem here though is that effective compensation will depend on the least stabilized axis. So, a lens that has 3 stops of OIS, will still have only 3 stops. It may have 5 stops in the axes handled by the IBIS but that is irrelevant if the OIS can only do 3 stops in 2 axes, esp. since these are usually the very sensitive pitch and yaw. All is not lost though, you do get stabilization roll and X-Y translation as well, which is a good thing.

If this is true, how is it possible that the 4.5 stops advantage of the 55-200 OIS results in a 5 / 5.5 stop advantage in combination with a X-H1 / X-T4?
Im really curious!

It seems that no one really has an answer to this questionđŸ˜…

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