X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

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Re: X-H1 IBIS doesn't improve stabilisation on IS lenses?

mtnroads wrote:

No it does not.

It clearly made a difference for me to use the X-H1 with my 55-200, compared to the X-T2 with that lens, which was never really stable enough for me with the lens OIS alone. It felt like about 1.5-2 stops improvement over lens OIS alone.

It was also noticeable when lens OIS on the lens was turned on than with it off (just using IBIS in the X-H1) which proved to me that the lens and body were communicating properly and sharing duties.

Using latest firmware in both. X-H1 got a big boost in IBIS performance with FW released in late 2019 or early 2020 I forget exactly when.

Yes this is true... like the previous poster said IBIS cant be turned off separately from OIS.

also the 1.5 - 2.5 stop difference cant be right. If the the IOS + IBIS combo was so much better then fuji would have definitely advertised this.

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