Which L Bracket should i buy

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Re: Which L Bracket should i buy

a_c_skinner wrote:

Smallrig L plates. ARCA plates on top of your Manfrotto heads.

I concur. I absolutely love mine for the Z7II. They make a nice looking one for the XT3. Whether the OP wants the wooden grip is another story. Compare the Smallrig to the Manfrotto L bracket and you'd have to be on some serious hallucinogens to prefer the latter. And it costs nearly 3x as much as the Smallrig! I wouldn't buy it if it was 3x cheaper.

OP: The sentiments are unanimous: Switch to Arca Swiss. Now. Cut your losses on the ballhead. I wouldn't even bother switching plates. The only reason why you would, is if you don't want to give up your ballhead, or if you already have multiple Manfrotto ballheads that you're committed to. You won't regret buying into the AS ecosystem.

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