24-105mm RF vs 24-70mm RF

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Re: 24-105mm RF vs 24-70mm RF

I already own the RF 28-70 F2 for my professional portrait work, I also already own the RF 24-105 which came with my Canon R5. My copy of the RF24-105  is crazy sharp > F7.1 IMO, and for landscape work(people who backpack miles at a time and weight is a major factor) it is an amazing focal range to have in my pack. In my testing  at >f8, one cannot tell the difference visually between the RF 24-105 and the RF 28-70 F2. With the exception of astro photography, landscapes are rarely shot at F2.8. Now I know the RF 28-70 F2 was not mentioned here, but IMO that lens is as sharp (or sharper) than the RF 24-70 F2.8 and I cannot tell the difference at F11, I challenge anyone who says the RF 24-70 is “superior”to perform an IQ test at these smaller apertures. Canon’s RF lineup is changing the game people, and we are all the winners. peace!

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