Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

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Re: Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

Hi everyone again,

Took me a bit long to post again - received Olympus 17 1.2 after a month since ordering it and then didn't have any good occasions to shoot anything other than snapshots while walking around the city.

But now I finally got a chance to do a few shots to test some new ideas about using light and choosing locations. The style of the image below is very different from what I posted in the original question here, but I'll be shooting that style when I have better occasions as well.

So, as promised, here's one of the test shots, for those interested in seeing the results from this lens.

Yes, it is dark and yes - that's just how I like it And I still have to find good parameters for shooting at night, as things are a bit blurry here (although, it was quite windy while we were shooting).

But so far, I think it was indeed the right choice to go for this focal length and also for autofocus instead of Voigtlander, as it would have been a nightmare to focus manually on the person in the shot above. And despite the fact that I already like the lens, I'm pretty sure I will really understand and appreciate its beauty and versatility with time, as it happened with my panasonic 20mm 1.7, which became one of the favorite lenses for me, after initially feeling quite neutral about it.

Edit: For some reason, when I magnify it to fullscreen here, it is very low-res, despite uploading a full-res image...

Edit 2: I also did a shoot with my new Em1 II before getting this lens - if you're interested, I posted 2 images from that shoot on my flickr page www.flickr.com/sndro

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