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Re: GFX in KoOlina

RodandEva wrote:

tokyowalker wrote:

Nice to see tourism returning. We have a condo in Ko’Olina at the Beach Villas , needless to say it’s been a negative return this year. Your pic and post brings hope!

BTW the nice lagoons were dynamited and dredged out of the coral reef during initial development during the ‘80s.

Nice! We have a place at Coconut Plantation and decided to come out for a while...definitely not as crowded as normal, but still busy.

It’s a great location, really future proofed now. We had a legal snafu in the beginning but now things are good , especially since they’ve dropped the draconian inbound ban. We want to come back for the winter but business here keeps us Tokyo bound. Make hay while the sun shines....

Your Tantalus shot reminds me of my youth haha!

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