GF 4/120 D.O.A.

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Rand 47 wrote:

tokyowalker wrote:

So my GF 4/120 arrived. Something was literally banging around inside the lens, I could see the inner element from the rear moving fore and aft actually. I attached it to the camera anyway, and it seemed to focus. However it went straight back into its packaging and I returned it. Perhaps the box took a hard tumble in shipping. On the plus side I dragged out the Techart and figured out how to upgrade it.

I’m assuming the loose component is not normal. Please correct me if I’m wrong though!

Well, I hate to say it, but the replacement new lens you receive will just about 100% guaranteed, do exactly the same thing. While I don’t understand exactly how it works, the OIS and AF drive control that “moving whatever it is.” Many many people have posted over time, “Is there something wrong with my lens?” The answer is “they all do that.” Mine does, and it works perfectly and his so sharp you could hurt yourself with it! 😃

I can appreciate the “shock” of taking a brand new lens out of the packaging and hear something flopping about. Fuji should put a sticker on the bag the lens is in saying, “They all do that!” LOL Seriously.


Yes, it's a shock when you first hear it. Then there are the sci-fi noises it makes during operation, which also concern some people. You'd think Fuji would have got the message by now, given the number of returns for this reason. It would be easy enough to print up a card and put it in the box with the lens. My car user manual has several pages of explanation about noises to ignore.

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